Tick Tock Clock 100 Coin Power Star – Super Mario 64 Guide

Tick Tock Clock 100 Coin Power Star – Super Mario 64 Guide

There are a few ways to get 100 Coins on Tick Tock Clock, the way we chose to get them was through the Red Coin Star: Stop Time for Red

Tick Tock Clock 100 Coins – SM64 Starcatchers 118

This is episode 118 in the Super Mario 64 Starcatchers Series. If you don’t already know, this is a tutorial + a “Let’s Play” all in one. Each episode is one star, and that is how it will go.

Super Mario 64 (N64) Tick Tock Clock 100 Coin Star

Game: Super Mario 64
Genre: Adventure/Platformer
System: Nintendo 64 (N64)
Developer: Nintendo

Tick Tock Clock

100 Coin Star

Super Mario 64 – Tick Tock Clock – 100 Coins – Star 98/120 HD

Guide for the 7. Star in Tick Tock Clock
Super Mario 64 HD

Super Mario 64 – Tick Tock Clock: 100-Coin Star

Super Mario 64 Walkthrough – Tick Tock Clock: 100-Coin Star.

For Tick Tock Clock, the stages differ depending on when you enter. Where the minute hand is determines how fast, if at all, the objects inside will move. Here are the times and their effects:

Minute Hand Near 12: Objects inside will be still.
Minute Hand Near 3: Objects inside will move slowly.
Minute Hand Near 6: Objects inside will move at random speeds.
Minute Hand Near 9: Objects inside will move quickly.

Super Mario 64 Walkthrough: https://bit.ly/35ORk9p

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Super Mario 64 is a platform game released for the Nintendo 64 in 1996 and again for the Nintendo Switch on September 18, 2020 through Super Mario 3D All-Stars. It was developed and published by Nintendo. Mario takes the jump into 3D and must save Princess Toadstool (Peach) once again from Bowser.

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