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Lost Kingdoms

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Lost Kingdoms of South America (2013) Ep1 People of the Clouds

Archaeologist Dr Jago Cooper reveals the true character of this stunning continent through its culture, people and landscapes. There is a rich and fascinating history that has been forgotten. The Incas and the Spanish interrupted millennia of independent development of important and influential civilisations. Across four episodes, we explore Chimor in Peru, Muisca and Tairona in Colombia, Chachapoya in Peru and Tiwanaku in Bolivia. There are temples hidden deep in the jungle, sprawling mountain citadels and long-forgotten gods and kings carved in stone. The Lost Kingdoms of South America have only just begun to relinquish their secrets.

Lost Kingdoms 2 Review (GameCube)

The second card battler by From Software on the Nintendo GameCube. This is one of those titles I’ve been meaning to try out for years and have been looking forward to finally trying out. Does it hold up to the nostalgia I had for the first Lost Kingdoms? We’ll see in this Lost Kingdoms 2 Review.

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GameCube Longplay [023] Lost Kingdoms


Played by: Tsunao

[Children’s card game?] RPG by FromSoftware.

Follow a princess as she uses cards to save the world!

Battles are random encounters. You have a card for each face buttons that come in 3 flavors: weapons, summon, and independent. When that card expires (usage for Weapon and Summon and HP for Independent), you draw another card. There’s also a button to discard a card. There’s also an elemental weakness, so the type of cards you use kinda matter.

This longplay guides the cute princess through all of the stages while getting 100 Red Fairies. I don’t get all the goodies in an area because destructible obstacles! I don’t get all cards, though (too much grinding!), but I’m sure 100 Red Fairies will suffice. I spam Trickster alot because it is so damn good. In some fights, I take my time because I want to capture many critters…and then I end up not using them! –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

Longplay of Lost Kingdoms [HD]

Longplay of Lost Kingdoms, played as the NTSC version on the GameCube. This game’s version was released on May 27th, 2002. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment down below!

0:00:00 – Start
0:00:25 – Intro
0:01:58 – Opening
0:02:53 – Alenjah Castle
0:07:11 – Plains of Rowahl
0:17:09 – Blessoon
0:28:09 – Burial Grounds
0:38:26 – Shayel Passage
0:55:34 – The Castle Grayl
1:10:14 – Bridge of Sarvan
1:18:07 – Kendarie Castle
1:19:08 – The Yprek Mines
1:31:51 – Bernden Field
1:38:58 – Castle of Whyt
1:48:10 – Grenfoul Chuch
1:59:38 – Coliseum
2:07:25 – Mt. Jardunn
2:13:33 – Ruh-Arok Temple
2:28:15 – Bonus 1: Dahl-Nok Valley
2:36:43 – Bonus 2: Gromtull Desert
2:44:59 – Bonus 3: Rohbach
2:53:27 – Bonus 4: Lumsted
3:03:00 – Bonus 5: Lake Bestriel
3:14:12 – Broch Black
3:31:46 – Final boss: God of Destruction
3:41:24 – Ending
3:42:58 – Credits