How to Upgrade PS3 Games to PS4 – PlayStation 4 Guide

How to Upgrade PS3 Games to PS4 – PlayStation 4 Guide

Just bought a brand new console but unsure if you can play PS3 games on a PS4? Well, this page will teach you everything you need to upgrade your PS3 games to

Expensive PlayStation 4 PS4 Games

Expensive PlayStation 4 PS4 Games
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Ultimate PS3 4.87 HFW/HEN Installation/Update Guide! + Homebrew, Games, & Tips. (For Beginners)

Hello the PlayStation 3 Homebrew/Modding Community, welcome back to my channel. For today’s video, I’ll be covering everything you need to know on how to successfully mod your PlayStation 3 Console. In today’s video, we will be covering a multitude of topics, and I will do my best to go over each process to ensure that you’ll have an easy understanding of how to fully jailbreak your console by utilizing the HEN Exploit.



0:00 – Introduction
1:55 – Additional Information + Disclaimers
3:41 – Prerequisites for the PS3
5:50 – Verifying that we’re are under 4.87 Firmware.
7:48 – Downloading The Required Homebrew/Files for installing HEN.
12:42 – Formatting our USB to FAT32 with GUI FAT32 App.
15:54 – Transferring the 4.87 HFW PUP to our USB.
17:06 – Checking our MD5 hashes (OnlineMD5 Checker)
18:37 – Transferring our Homebrew Apps “.PKG files”
19:54 – Updating Your PlayStation 3 To 4.87 Hybrid Firmware (HFW)
25:19 – Verifying that we’ve successfully installed 4.87 HFW.
26:13 – Deleting Cookies/Cache/Authentication From PS3 Web Browser. (Tools Configuration)
27:28 – Activating HEN Enabler/Installer
31:35 – Activating our PSN account on PS3 “System Activation” (Optional)
32:36 – Verifying that you have ★ Enable HEN Active
34:13 – Part 2: Homebrew Setup
36:45 – Previewing IRISMAN
37:43 – Previewing multiMan
39:42 – Previewing PSN Patch 2017.02/B
41:20 – Previewing webMAN MOD
43:48 – Previewing Prep NTFS Drives for webMAN & multiMan
46:52 – Part 2.1: PS3 Game Setup | Installing .PKG, .ISO & Folder based games.
1:02:44 – Outro & Special Thanks


Here are all of the major topics that I’ll be covering for today’s guide:

• How to successfully convert your OFW PS3 to HFW (Hybrid Firmware.) and how to update to 4.87 HFW if you’re on an older version of HFW such as 4.86 or lower.

• How to install the latest version of HEN onto your console. As of 12/29/2020 which is version 3.02.

• Covering general tips such as being online & general HEN usage protocols.

• How to install homebrew applications via Package Manager.

• How to install PS3 games. The 3 main game formats that we will be covering today is .PKG, .ISO, Folder based titles.


★ Additional Information:

• In today’s guide, I’ll be utilizing my CECHK01 (fat model) PS3 that is flashed to 4.86 HFW (Hybrid Firmware) note for this process you can use ANY model PS3. This means Fat, Slim, SuperSlim model PS3’s from any region can use this exploit!

• As of 12/29/2020 4.87 is the latest firmware for the PS3 & that if a new firmware is pushed by Sony make sure to stay on the lowest firmware as at any time Sony can patch any exploits for the PS3.

• Being on HEN/HFW is not comparable to CFW (Custom Firmware) such as Rebug, Ferrox, Habib, etc, as in some regards HEN is limited when running some apps.

• HEN allows most homebrew applications to run, however, things such as debug apps/games will not run with HEN.

• While being on HEN it is important to NOT ENABLE FSM (Factory Service Mode) or install CCAPI (Console Control API) as this will BRICK and or cause damage to your console. This warning has been issued from the PS3Xploit team.


★ Prerequisites:

• 4.87 Firmware or lower *Can’t be done on higher firmware*
• PS3 HFW 4.87 Update PUP File
• A PC *To download files* + A Wi-Fi connection.
• USB Stick that is formatted to FAT32
• Essential PS3 HEN Homebrew Pack (Contains homebrew such as multiMan, Webman, Irisman, PSNPatch, etc.)
• Online MD5 Hash Checker (To check MD5 hashes for the hybrid firmware.)
• GUI FAT32 Format (Allows the end-user to format there USB to FAT32)
• PS3 Game (In this guide I’ll be showing you how to install 3 main types of files onto your PS3. (Folder, .PKG, .ISO titles)
• WinRar (To unzip files)


★ Downloads/Supplementary Readings:

➤ PS3Xploit Main Site:

➤ PSXPlace PS3 4.87 HFW Release Article:

➤ PSXPlace PS3HEN v3.0.2 Change Logs:

➤ 4.87 HFW (Hybrid Firmware):

➤ 4.87 HFW (Hybrid Firmware) Mirror Link:

➤ Essential PS3 HEN Homebrew Nagato Pack: &export=download

➤ Fat32 GUI Format:



★ Credits:

➤ PS3Xploit Devs: For developing this exploit.
➤ Joonie:
➤ esc0rtd3w:


#PS3HEN #HEN #PS3Xploit #PS3HFW #PS3Jailbreak

How to Upgrade PS3 Games to PS4 Digital

Quick tutorial to show you how to upgrade your PS3 titles to the PS4 digital version.
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