Chucky Episode 5 Review: “Little Little Lies”

Chucky Episode 5 Review: “Little Little Lies”

Chucky’s past and present collide in “Little Little Lies,” which features a powerhouse performance from Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky star Fiona Dourif.

CHUCKY Season 1 Episode 5 Little Little Lies REACTION!!

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Chucky – Episode 1×5 “Little Little Lies” REACTION!!!

Chucky TV Series Season 1 Episode 5 Little Little Lies REACTION! (105)

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Chucky (2021) | SyFy/USA | Episode 5 Review | Little Little Lies

Chucky’s back for episode 5 and there is A LOT to talk about!
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Chucky – 1×5 “Little Little Lies” – Episode Review

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